Vacation 2011–Day 11

Another long day of driving!  We started in Monterey and ended in Grover Beach.

We went to Cannery Row, which I must say, smells. Smells very fishy.  We had a lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  Mark had the fried shrimp which he loved and I had an excellent piece of salmon. 

We walked around a while and took pictures when Mark asked to go to this place called Mirror Maze. For $15 he could go through this maze of mirrors as many times as he wanted and go through this room of lasers trying to get from one end to the other without breaking the laser beam.  He had a blast doing it.  Not sure whether I was suppose to or not, but I took Mark’s picture on the TV screen.  He’s on the left side of the screen, his jeans show up light. 




From Monterey we headed toward Grover Beach and dinner with my kid, Michael Rivas.  I opted to take the 101 since I had heard PCH was one lane for parts of it.  The problem with 101 is it’s BORING…. So when I saw a sign for the Soledad Mission…





Dinner at the Station Grill was WONDERFUL!  Not only the food but anytime I get to spend time with Michael it’s special. I miss having him in the next building over 4 or 5 times a week.  But hopefully he’ll be back in the area sometime soon.

After dinner Mark and I walked the short distance to the beach and I tried to get some pictures of the sunset.  The pics I show on manual didn’t come out very well… they’re brownish.  Thankfully I flipped it over to auto and let Nikon give me some good pics!




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