Vacation 2011–Day 12

Our last day of vacation and things are winding down.  We had breakfast at the Station Grill.  Great breakfast burritos!! Of course, I should have ordered Mark bacon instead of sausage.  But they were still good.  (did I mention they were HUGE!)

From there we headed south on the 101 to Lake Cachuma. We use to camp there over Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s been about eight years since we’ve been there. Some things have changed but much of it is the same. Mark thoroughly enjoyed the Nature Center.

The Lake is still beautiful.




From there we went to Solvang. Mark isn’t big on shopping but he he was excited to find Volume 2 of the “Encyclopedia of Immaturity”  So watch out world!!


The Boss told me about Aebleskiver and that I needed to try them.  They were REALLY good! Of course, they have raspberry sauce Mark wouldn’t touch them, so I had to eat all 3 of them.  but they were good.

Mark found this house really cool! It’s covered with ivy except for the windows… which Mark assumes grew that way. Smile No not really!



Tomorrow we head for home… Hard to believe vacation is almost over… of course, I seriously doubt we’ll drive straight through with no stops…   I wonder what adventures we might find on the way!

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