Vacation 2011–Day 2 Red Rock Canyon Mojave

This morning Mark and I got up and began the journey to Red Rock Canyon State Park.  It wasn’t as windy this morning as last night so you could already feel the heat at 8:00.  I wish we would have gotten up earlier just after sunrise, but we are talking about Mark and I… neither one of us our much on early rising!

It was very beautiful though, at least I thought so and Mark did as well, once he got over being mad at me for saying he was too noisy! 

Here are some pictures of this mornings hike around Red Rock…








1 thought on “Vacation 2011–Day 2 Red Rock Canyon Mojave”

  1. Hi Holly,

    You are at one of my favorite areas. We used to camp at Red Rock in the campground until it was washed out. They did rebuild it but we usually camp somewhere else now as you cannot ride your quads in the campground. Now we go down the road a bit to Jawbone or Dove Springs and camp and ride our quads back to the Red Rock area. Did you visit Schmidt’s Tunnel while you were there? It is on the opposite side of 14 but in that general area. You can drive to it and walk through the tunnel to see where he ended his railway. Pretty interesting. Only problem was Bob kept hitting his head on the ceiling as it is not very tall. LOL Have a great time!


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