Vacation 2011-Day 4

Today our adventure took us to Yosemite!  What a great day! Well, basically a great day.  We got out of Fresno a little later than we planned, but we just needed the rest. Met up with Don Lawrence in Oakhurst who showed us how to get to his house, which by the way is absolutely gorgeous!  Million dollar view!

We headed to the park making our first stop Glacier Peak. Words can not truly describe the beauty.  I can’t see how anyone can look at the scene and not believe in a Divine Creator.  No way this all happened by chance!   Kn the way to Glacier Peak we saw a bear.  Which Mark got video of, I’ll try to get that posted later, I’m just too tired tonight. On the way back down from Glacier Peak we got to see another bear.  This time I had my good lens on the camera so I got pictures of it!!

From their we headed into Yosemite Valley.  One word – UGH!!!!  So many people and so few parking spaces. ‘By the time we found a spot Mark was just a bear himself.  He was fighting either motion sickness, lack of food, or altitude sickness. But let’s just say it wasn’t fun!  We got food and he started doing better.  Then of the crazies things we ran into the McDonald Family from our church in San Dimas.  We knew they were camping at the park but figured there would be NO WAY we would run into them.  It was great to see them. 

We adventured over to Yosemite Falls which again was BEAUTIFUL!!  On the way back to the car we got to see a young buck enjoying some of the plants near the parking area.  Absolutely gorgeous!

After a VERY long drive out we were back in Oakhurst to spend the night at Don and Joyce Lawrence’s home.  Barbq burgers and hotdogs!  A wonderful meal and lots of fun! 

Tomorrow is a laid back day as we make our way to Sacramento. 

Here are some of today’s pics… had a weird thing happen, I’m hoping it was just fuzz on the lens… forgive me if I post any of those pictures, I’ve taken out my contacts and am having a hard time seeing

I almost forgot… there was still snow in places so we stopped so Mark could play.  I think that was his favorite part of the day!

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