Vacation 2011–Day 5

Today was a big drive day Oakhurst to Sacramento.  We got out of Oakhurst about 9 this morning and finally arrived at tonight’s Motel 6 at about 3.  Yes, we took our sweet time and my back is thankful!

We lunched at Carrows just off the 99 in Merced which was a little annoying, but Mark has discovered hamburgers with eggs. 

I was getting tired as we were getting close to Modesto so we pull off the freeway and check out the AAA Tour Book.  We ended up at the McHenry Museum. It is a donation museum that showcases some of the history of Modesto.  It was a nice diversion with some fun stuff to look at.  The rest of our journey was trouble free.  Of course, in finding a Motel 6 with a pool I ended up in the downtown area.  But hey, we’re just down the street from the Capitol.  So I think we’ll go over there in the morning before heading to Rocklin to meet up with Dan of Oracle University for lunch.  I’m hoping after lunch we can head over to Marshall Discovery Park, before heading to Yuba City.  When Tim did his 4th grade field trip to Sacramento we got to go there.  It was really nice (from what I remember)

Here are some pictures from today’s adventure.  As well as a video Mark took of the first bear we saw yesterday at Yosemite. 


Here’s the video… 

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