Vacation 2011–Day 6

Today was a quiet day, with us starting out at the Capitol.




From there we went to Rocklin to meet my rep from Oracle University. It was a great time!  Dan and I worked together during our project to convert to Oracle PeopleSoft that started in fall of 2007. We talked at least once a week and there were times when we talked multiple times in a week.  It was a fun lunch and it was like we’ve known each other forever.

After lunch I was going to try to go to Marshall State Park but it wouldn’t come up on the GPS so I gave up and headed toward Yuba City. Along the way we went through a town called Wheatland. So I stopped to take pictures.



I had my 35 mm lens on for these pictures, so I couldn’t get a good picture of the train.  I was sad, I’ve been trying to get a cool picture of a real train (not to be confused with a metro link).

We got to our hotel about the same time as our fearless leader.  We just vegged in the room until dinner.  We went Lumberjacks Restaurant.  Really good food!  Way too much of it, but really good.  We were there with Annette, Scott, and Georgia. Scott is a nut job which made dinner hysterical!  We ended up ordering dessert… and oh what a dessert.


Way too good!  I’m thankful I’d been really good this week and this was my first dessert!

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