Vacation 2011–Day 7

Today marked the half way point of our vacation. Six days down and six to go.  Today the youth bowling tournament started in Oroville, California.  If you don’t know where that is, then Google it!  It’s about an hour from Yuba City but it was a beautiful drive on highway 70.  We passed an old cemetery that I stopped and took pictures on the way back (of course!).

Mark did well bowling over average (which was 96 for the tournament).  He bowled 106, 108 and a 141 in the team competition today.  Tomorrow he’ll bowl 6 games, 3 for doubles and then 3 for singles.  For better or worse we bowl at 9 here in Yuba City.  Which means we should be done about 11:30.  Everyone else is heading back home and Mark and I will head toward Old Sacramento then on to Castro Valley to spend the night.  Monday begins the long trek home.  I’ve been extremely thankful for the good weather and the drives have not been too hard on me. 

Here are the pictures from the Marysville Cemetery. (yes, I might be just a little morbid!)





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