Vacation 2011-Day 8

Today was the last day of State Tournament and Mark did well.  He bowled average or better 5 out of 6 games.  In Doubles he got – 96, 102, and 116.  In Singles 112, 91, and 102.  Not bad at all, but most importantly he kept a good attitude and seemed to enjoy himself.

From Yuba City we headed to Old Town Sacramento.  Had fun there just walking around and visiting the Train Museum.  Mark took the pictures at the Train Museum and did a good job. We also stopped in the Eagle Theatre and watched part of the show. It was cute and corny.  The really fun part was when Ed Wolfe walked out on stage! It wasn’t really Ed but it looked like a shorter version of him. Even Michael and Kristi recognized it!

From Sacramento we headed toward Castro Valley where we are spending the night.  On the way we stopped in Fairfield, California to check out the Jelly Belly Factory.  It was fun… crazy how many people were there! 

Tonight we’re in a Encolodge. Which was a last minute choice since our other housing arrangement fell through.  Nice room and I got really excited when I went in the bathroom and saw the Jacuzzi tub!!!  Of course, as I sit here I’m extremely disappointed… it didn’t work.  Oh well…  I’m clean… and ready for sleep…  Tomorrow off to San Fran!






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