Vacation 2011–Day 9

We are now beginning the journey home, sort of…  We drove into San Francisco this morning and although I’ve been to San Fran three or four times this was my first time to drive in San Francisco.  And with a little luck, it will be my last time.  Traffic wasn’t bad until we were to the Bay Bridge.  UGH!

Fortunately, we go parked in plenty of time to get to Pier 33 for our trip to Alcatraz.  The trip over was uneventful.  Alcatraz is an interesting place.  As you walk around and look at the facility and feel the wind howling you realize how miserable being on that rock would be.  Of course, the most notorious criminals ended up there.  One guy commented that Alcatraz straightened him out.  I wonder if we still used a place like Alcatraz we wouldn’t have repeat offenders. 

We wondered around Pier 39 after we got back to “the mainland.” Mark isn’t too into wondering around shops. We ate at the Hard Rock Café.  Which was fun, though the food wasn’t that great this time. 

From there we drove to San Jose which took FOREVER because the Dodgers are playing the Giants and where is their stadium!?!?!?  In downtown San Fran and the street that I needed to get out of town.  Oh well… we’re here and it’s almost bed time. 

Tomorrow the Tech Museum, the Winchester Mystery House and maybe the Natural Bridges of Santa Cruz. 









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