A Million Word or Less About Mark Magnuson

This past Monday Mark started seventh grade! Hard to believe that my baby is in middle school. However, the school year has started well and Mark is getting himself up and seems to be engaged. One of his teachers asked that one of the parents write about their child to help her understand him better.  She so doesn’t know what she asking for!?!?!

Mark is our second child, born eight years after his brother Tim. Finding that I was pregnant with Mark was the first of many surprises. He surprised us by showing up three weeks earlier than expected. Although he looked so much like his big brother did, he was definitely a very different personality. From the beginning he needed little sleep and was in constant motion. (something he’s just now grown out of!) 

Although Mark didn’t start talking as early as his brother when he started talking he gave us full sentences. He is very articulate and quite comfortable talking to children younger than himself as well as adults. Especially when he was younger he tended to have friends that were two years older than himself.

Mark ended up having the same teacher for both first and second grade. It was during second grade parent/teacher conference that we had the hard discussion about Mark’s behavior. No matter how hard he tried or what discipline method was taken Mark couldn’t sit still. He would ask to go and sit at the desk by itself so he could work, but within five to ten minutes he would be wandering the room socializing with everyone. There were other symptoms that indicated that Mark has ADHD. Thankfully, his doctor did a great job prescribing a medication that helped him mellow out, sit still, and focus without causing negative side effects. 

Another thing that the doctor recommended was for Mark to be involved in team sports.  For four years Mark participated in KARE Youth League.  It was a great opportunity for him to participate in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and track. Although he was not a standout athlete he did excel at track and basketball. It was fun to watch him in basketball playing defense against other kids as they pushed each other back and forth.

Mark is artistic. He’s done some beautiful work.  From 2005 until 2010 he participated in the Young Rembrandts program through the school.  In 2010 he started the Kids’ Art program in Glendora.  It has been amazing to see his growth as an artist.  I need to update it but I have a website of his artwork at: http://markart.magnusonhouse.com  This year at the LA County fair this piece will be displayed.  I hope he gets positive affirmation on his work.  As I mom I know I’m biased but I do believe he’s amazing.

I think one of Mark’s greatest strengths is his heart. He can be totally obnoxious, rude, crude and just socially unacceptable. But when it comes down to it, he has a soft heart for people and can be so very kind.  In the last year or so he has become a much affection person.  He cracks me up how he will hug people he’s just met like he’s known them forever. I love that about him! Though sometimes he just a little TOO social as I’m sure his teachers will see. 

Some fast facts about Mark:

  • His middle name was for his grandfather that he never got to meet: Ray
  • His birthday is January 23
  • He wears a size 10.5 shoe
  • He loves computer games WAY too much
  • He is writing a book and drawing characters for it
  • He placed 2nd in the Youth State Bowling Tournament in Doubles in 2010 (we haven’t gotten the results for 2011)
  • He placed 1st in the Youth City Bowling Tournament in Team competition in 2011

There is so much more I could tell you about Mark, but a little mystery is good.

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