Hard Habit to Break

The campus is coming alive as we get closer to this weekend and new student orientation this weekend. For me things are slowing down as today I only had 2 trainings and tomorrow only one!!!  Thursday and Friday NO TRAININGS! It was also fun today to take faculty pictures for our Math/Physics department.  It was a nice break from Google Apps.

However, for many of my co-workers things are going to get crazy.  I’ll be helping out with the refresh day to help collect the laptops from the faculty and return them at the end of the event.  The weekend with the new students and returning students coming back there will be lots of action. 

I’m excited about the weekend and the start of the football season.  I have my new lens and am excited to see what I can get from it.  It should be a good time.

It’s almost time to go to the gym.  See if I can work out some of the sources that I got from Sunday’s workout. 

Keeping with my tribute to Chicago here’s another featuring Peter Cetera

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