Take 2- why I should go to the gym

I am more than mildly annoyed that this my second attempt to post from iPad. I wrote this really nice article in blog press, hit save it promoted to publish when I said publish now it gave me my Facebook login page, but no post on my blog. So let’s see if the WordPress app does any better.

If you notice it is now after 1 AM and I am still awake. I didn’t go to the gym because I felt like I had too much prep work to do for tomorrow. I am doing four different sessions tomorrow on 4 very different topics. The shortest one is 15 minutes whilemthe longest is an hour and a half.

I need sleep but my mind won’t shut down. Gym tomorrow no matter how busy I am on Thursday. (I think I only have 3 classes that day)

Sleep. That’s the next big challenge!

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