The Week on a Roller Coaster


Work has kept me busy and I’ve not really felt like I’ve had much to say. At least not much I should put in writing. This week has been hard, with extreme highs and lows and a little bit of everything in between.

The week started great when I was able to connect with a friend that I hadn’t seen in months. And as always with this particular friend there were lots of laughs. 

There was an extreme low as well, as a dear friend faced the worst outcome to his situation. Thankfully, he’s leaning on his God and trusting Him to get through the situation. I believe everything happens for a reason and God isn’t surprised by anything, I have to believe God will bring good out of this situation. It is still hard for me, to see my friend hurting and not knowing how to help.

There were lots a little hills and valleys to the week as well.  Everything from a snarky dean to incredibly inappropriate comments in a training class.  (and for the record I am not the one that made the inappropriate comment!)

The week ended on an up. I had lunch with our student managers which is fun to spend time with them and watch and listen to them laugh together. We also had red velvet cake which is always an UP! I think the biggest up of the end of the week was reconnecting with someone I’ve not talked to in over 20 years. He was one of the first sales reps I ever worked with at APU.  I’m looking forward to talking to him soon and catching up on life.

I’m glad it is the weekend. I get to sleep in tomorrow, though I do have to go to work and do an orientation. But there’s also a football scrimmage tomorrow. I’ll get to work with my new lens and well as get to hang out with my buddy Brian as he apologizes to the refs for my comments. Ya Right!

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