You’re the Inspiration

Getting ready to start a new week.  Thankfully, shouldn’t be as crazy as last week, but it will be busy.  The start of a school year is always exciting.  This year we’ve had a busier than normal summer which has made preparing for fall extra difficult.  But it will be exciting!

Training week was a success.  It started out great with Tom Moon, the director of e-learning from In-N-Out.  It was a great time. We ended the week with a worship time and a devotion by our CIO.  It was a great morning.  It was nice for me to sit back and play keyboards.  I kind of miss those days.

This weekend was relatively quiet. Did an orientation for Haggard School of Theology, a photo shoot with my favorite girl, church today and trying to stay cool.  Which has been difficult.

Tomorrow is busy with 4 sessions, one of which will require me to drive to LA.  Not excited about that one!  The week will get easier.

As far as the title of today’s blog, I’ve been in a Chicago mood the past few days and this is one of many favorites.

This one is from the original recording with Peter Cetera, check out the styles from the 80s.  I never dressed like that, my parents would have killed me!  Enjoy!

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