A Great Day!

Today was moving day and the movers didn’t want us under foot so I had the day off.  So I decide to have some fun.  After dropping off Mark I had breakfast, filled up the car (a whopping $45) picked up a couple of birthday cards. Then it was off to Monrovia to hike up to Monrovia Falls.  I had read about it in one of my favorite blogs, by Dan Simpson.  He has an entire hiking website with lots of information about hiking trails in the LA area. 

The hike was very nice.  Not too steep but a good walk. It didn’t kill me the way Garcia Trail does.  I took my camera (of course that’s the fun of hiking) using the Tamaron 300mm lens, it’s not as heavy as my 200mm and I figured that I would be able to get some decent shots with it.  The falls aren’t super exciting this time of the year, but it was still nice. 






Here it is!  The Monrovia Falls!





The highlight of the trip… Down by the parking lot was a black bear (though he is a nice brown color, the ranger told us he’s a black bear.)  He just lumbered by and didn’t really pay much attention to us.


Had lunch with Tim, he wanted to see if the Barbq Beef Brisket was as good as I said, and it was!

I did some more fun stuff including buying some more camera equipment and then did a girly girl thing and had my nails done. 

Tomorrow I spend my first day in my new office.  I’ll try to post some pictures of that as well.  It’s really, really nice.

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