IMT East–THe Ugly

I have mentioned a few times that IMT East is a triple wide trailer.  Keep in mind there is no foundation on for a trailer (I’ve mentioned that as well!) So for many years IMT East has not only been the home of the Academic Computer Lab, programmers, developers, and the like, it has been home to possums, raccoons, skunks and who knows what else. 

So many times we came to work on the morning to the “lovely” aroma of an angry skunk or worse yet when the circle life concludes and we come in to the smell of decomp (yes, I’m a CSI fan! Not sure about the adding of Ted Danson to the cast, should be interesting). Oh how I won’t miss this place…

Oh and then there’s the musty smell, I’m not going to miss the entering the office and going into a sneezing fit.  Leave the office the sneezing, itchy eyes go away, like magic!  Oh how I won’t miss this place…

Then, of course, there was the Northridge Earthquake.  I came into the office later that morning and met up with Sue in the ACC and noticed the sunlight shining through the wall near the roof line on the north end of the building. Every earthquake I think of that lovely light shining through…  Oh HOW I won’t miss this place… (though 680 is a little scary when you think about earthquakes)

There’s the sloping floor in several places the best is in Don’s office. But I’m just too tired to go into all that… let me just say I OH SO WON’T MISS THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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