Life in IMT-East: The Good

My office has been in IMT-East since sometime in 2002, at least I think it was 2002, since that was the year Jeff came and he had the fun of making that happen. 

As I mentioned earlier 2/3rds of this trailer has been at the university longer than I have.  It was the Academic Computer Lab.  A place for students to come and write papers, some came to program on the HP 3000 series 30.  Oh the days of COBOL and RPG. (and not Role Playing Games).

I have some fond memories of those days.  At least some of the people I had the opportunity to get to know, Tim Jones and Sue Munsey come to mind.  I remember one Christmas, when my Tim was still young Sue order pizza for the kids to celebrate. We had a great time laughing and eating pizza when when of the kids said, “You what would make this better?! If Timmy would say ‘God bless us everyone!’” Of course Timmy did and we all had a great laugh. 

I taught some of my early training classes in the corner that’s now Don’s office.  I remember one of those great moments when I was teaching Excel and was going to explain Pivot Tables.  I told them, I really don’t understand Pivot Tables but I’ll show you guys and hopefully it will make sense.  After I walked them through how to create a Pivot Table one of the participants got really excited. As an admissions counselor she saw an instant application what was going to make her life so much easier.  Oh the satisfaction that brings!

Since we’ve moved into the building as office space there have been some good times. Some of my favorite times include laughing with Ken Osterberg.  The guy has such a great outlook on life and is just fun to be around.  I’m sure there are those who would consider Ken and I together some of the bad of IMT-East.  We could be very obnoxious at times.

The best of times in IMT-East have come from spending time talking with the amazing people I’ve worked with and continue to work with, they’re great!

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