Goodbye October Hello November

OK, I really can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last blog.  I just don’t seem to have the energy to do much of anything.  But I’ve stayed busy.  Football had 2 away games in October, which meant a trip to LegoLand for Brick or Treat.  It was Mark’s last year to do the Brick or Treat trail and even at that the lady at the beginning asked, “Do you want a stamp?” When Mark said yes, she stamped his hand and said “I just made you 12”  To which I replied, he is 12, he doesn’t turn 13 until January.  Her eyes got big and said ‘He’s gonna be a big guy!” 

The day went well, Mark enjoyed the new Mind Storms robots and Dr. Heartbeat.  Especially now the computer and robots communicate via Bluetooth.  It was the journey home that got dicey.  We had just transitioned from the 5 to the 57 in the carpool lane when the engine light came on and the car started power.  I had to cross 5 lanes of traffic to get off the freeway.  The car completely stopped on the shoulder of the off ramp, of course, I had no idea what ramp I was on.  Thankfully, Erwin was able to figure it out and AAA found me and towed the car to the mechanic. 

It was the timing belt and I was without a car until Wednesday and we won’t talk about how much that cost us. 

I’ve been doing a lot of photography.  I’ve been doing football, women’s soccer, and volleyball.  Of course there’s my favorite 15 month old, Miss Lily Taylor.  Had a lot of fun with her on Saturday as well as getting some nice pictures.  This Saturday I’m doing family portraits for a friend of work.  I’m looking forward to it, though, I’m a little nervous.  I want them to come out nice. 

Here are some of the pictures that have been used for the APU sports site:

From this past Saturday night’s homecoming game:

September 17th football:

Pre-season scrimmage (99.9% sure it’s mine but no credit line I have the original on my computer Open-mouthed smile)

Women’s Soccer:  The sweet shot!

Women’s Volleyball: the nicest shot! (my first time trying to shoot volleyball)

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