2011–A look Back 2012–A Look Forward

Here I am in Carlsbad, though this year we are staying in the EconoLodge instead of the Rodeway Inn. The EconoLodge had only a slightly higher rate with a full breakfast. The really interesting part is the boys and I stayed at this facility a few years ago, before it was owned by the Choice hotels, it was called the Travel Lodge and to say it was a skanky pit would be polite. I was curious and hoped I wasn’t making a mistake. Oh my, I did NOT make a mistake! Choice has done an amazing job fixing this place up. The room is beautiful! One of the larger rooms we’ve had in a motel, flat screen TV. It’s just an incredible transformation from the skanky, no a/c hole that I could only spend a few hours in (we actually left in the middle of the night because it was too hot to sleep)  Here’s the picture I took with my phone.


Anyway, as I look at my goals that I wrote this time last year, I did fairly well.

Goal 1 – Read the Old Test chronologically. Check! It was great to read the OT that way. It helped me understand the interplay between the history books and the prophets. The Thomas Nelson Chronological Study Bible was a great tool. They told a lot of the history as well.

Goal 2 – An average of 4 work outs a week. I did fairly well with this, but did have lapses. Part of it was due to the tendonitis in my foot other times it was my depression and not caring about life.

Goal 3 – Read 50 books. CHECK! Finished #50 this afternoon. Read a lot of good books.

Goal 4 – Blogging… didn’t do as well at that as I should.  No real excuse… just didn’t get it done.

Other accomplishments this year:

  • I finished my Master’s Degree!!!!
  • Mark and I took an amazing road trip vacation to northern California and back.
  • I started shooting Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball as well as football.

There might be more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

  As I look forward to 2012 I’m not sure what major things I want to accomplish. But here are some things that I know I want to do:

  1. See Bible 360 to completion, check it out at: mybible360.blogspot.com
  2. Read 50 books
  3. Create a budget (novel I know)
  4. Manage my checkbook (yes, I know NOVEL)
  5. Exercise an average of 4 times a week.
  6. Build the followers of Favorite Christian Books website.
  7. Be off blood pressure medicine by next New Year’s Eve!!! Which means a lot of work, but hopefully I’ll be up for the challenge.

Tomorrow I’ll post my goals for January. I like the idea of monthly goals that hopefully feed into the goals for the year.

There are changes happening this year. A little scary but I have to trust that all will work out for the best.

Happy New Year!


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