It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I’m blown away at the fact that this is the third day of December and only 28 days left in 2011. I remember as a kid complaining about how long summer was and my dad would tell me, just wait the older you get the faster the time will go by.  Was he ever right?  Hard to believe he’s been gone 17 years this month.

Things have been busy, of course.  I’ve been doing a lot of photography. My baby girl, Lily, is getting to be more and more fun, her Mom and I are going to need to be more creative since she is no longer satisfied sitting in one place looking cute. I did a family photo shoot the beginning of November and the pictures came out GREAT. I was so please. Of course there was APU football, women’s soccer and volleyball that presented some great challenges and some nice opportunities. I did pictures for one of the departments at the beginning of the school year and hopefully will be doing pictures for our Campus Safety in the near future as well. 

Christmas means music. I didn’t do a choir at church this year, when I should have been planning all of that, I was extremely tired. But we are still doing lots of music and having fun with a new guitarist on the team. 

Work has been good, lots of challenges. But I’m enjoying my new office, though I miss the beauty of East Campus and ready access to our students. I need to find the balance of enjoying my solitude in my office and spending time with the students.

One of my new projects is Bible 360. It came out of a conversation I had with a friend of mine who is a relatively new Christian talking about wanting to read all the way through the Bible, starting at the beginning. And although I think it is important to read the all the Bible, I struggle with the concept. I don’t think God necessarily wants us to read every chapter of the Bible in a year as much as He wants us to read the Bible every day of the year.  So the idea with Bible 360, is read one chapter of the Bible a day. Reading the New Testament, Proverbs and about half of the Psalms. I finished the schedule today.  I’ll use the website and the church’s facebook page to post the schedule as well as have schedules that people can have and put in their Bibles. I’m excited about it and hope it can involve more than just my church family.  I need to write the January posts so they can be ready to go. 

I had hoped to introduce this song tomorrow, but we just weren’t ready. But it’s a great song…

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