SeaWorld San Diego

Today Mark and I went to SeaWorld. I so LOVE SeaWorld and today was a good day. Got to see my dolphin show as well as Pet’s Rule, Sea Lions, both the day time show and the night show and the Shamu show. The picture below is Mark sliding down a snow bank for the first time ever. Of course, the worker didn’t believe Mark was only 12. Poor guy, he’s so tall and his voice is deep and he’s got the whole mustache thing happening.  But in just 25 days he turns 13. A lot scary to me… 



The polar bears enjoying a mid-morning nap.  Aren’t they cute!?!?


It’s summer on the south pole so made for some great pictures.


Pets’ Rule celebrating the holidays!


And of course, the dolphin show…


Shark tank as if you didn’t know:


Turtle Reef…


Sea lion and otter show – CSI Miami Style


Everyone’s favorite” “Shamu”


Sea Lion and Otter’s Night Before Christmas full of fun as always.


It’s kind of funny that several of the jokes in the Sea lion shows revolve around Pepsi and after tomorrow Seaworld will no long be serving Pepsi products. January 1 begins a 10 year contract with Coke. Many ways I’m excited about that, I’ve always preferred Coke to Pepsi. But it was at SeaWorld I had my very first Code Red Mountain. I’ll miss that, but hey… things change, that’s just life.

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