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A year and a half ago, I moved my blog to WordPress. In many ways I really like WordPress.  Other ways, not so much.  So because I’m geeky, I’m moving back to Blogger. I’ve been using Blogger for My Bible 360 Project and I like the changes. Of course, figuring out how to get the domain to point to the right spot is the question!  And I’m not sure it’s set up right yet. The blogger instructions aren’t working the way it’s documented. So we’ll see. It’s already been over 2 hours but of course they have the cushion of up to 48 hours for the change to take affect.

I just got back from Vegas Friday afternoon and I’m happy to be home and thinking I’m not going back EVER AGAIN!  I HATE cigarette smoke and cigar smoke is even worse!  Next year the conference is in San Jose again, which is much nicer on my lungs.   

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