One Week Down ALREADY!?!?

This week has been pretty uneventful. I went back to work on Tuesday which was nice though I really didn’t have a lot of motivation to work.  But I did get some things accomplished  had I nice time at the Spiritual Emphasis Day at APU.

My goals for January are pretty simple.

  1. Stick with the Bible 360 website.  It’s been fun I’ve had 3 or 4 people who have been activity commenting and it’s getting several hits. I’ve got post through the 14th ready to go.
  2. Read at least 4 books – I’ve already read 2 this weeks.
  3. Get my budget established – I’ve been working on this but trying to remember all the stupid stuff I spend money.
  4. Get my checkbook updated on my phone so I can track my finances.  
  5. Reduce the amount of soda I drink.

I only made it to the gym 3 times this week.  But tomorrow is the start of a new week and another chance to get it right.

No great Mark stories this week. The only story is the stunt he pulled on Friday. I asked on Thursday night if his homework was done, to which he responds “yes.” Friday morning at 7:32, we try to leave at 7:30 but I digress… at 7:32 he comes to me and says “Can you type something for me since you type faster?” It was a page and half document for history that was due on that day!  I could have killed him! But since it affected 2 others I typed it. UGH

I did do something fun Tuesday, I went to the APU Women’s Basketball game and took pictures. I had a blast and we won! Here’s one of my favorite from the night. 


To see the other pictures that were posted on the APU Web site click here

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