What If…

What if… Mark’s two favorite words. If you know anything about Strengths Quest you will understand when I say Mark is high end “Deliberative” He makes me a little crazy sometimes and I’m deliberative as well, but I don’t think I hit as high on the scale as he does.

Tomorrow my baby turns 13. It’s hard to believe. I’ve been uploading my pictures to flickr and have been working on 2000 and 2001.  He was just a bright eyed boy that was quick to smile and laugh. Today he’s still bright eyed though he’s generally quick with the smart comment. Then again, he’s 13. He is a good kid, he has a tender heart, but he’s also opinionated and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. Sometimes I wish he wouldn’t always say what he’s thinking, but in the long run he’ll probably be a better person because of it. Too often I don’t say what I think when I should.

Not only do I have the excitement of my baby’s 13th birthday, but Tuesday I leave for Las Vegas for the American Society of Training and Development conference. It should be a good conference and getting away for a few days is nice.  I’ll admit it I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll be posting my learnings on the training blog rather than my personal.  Any after conference antics will be posted here. But as we know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!

When Mark was first born he had a low body temperature and so here they have him laying on a heating pad trying to warm him up. He also was born with an irregular heartbeat. That disappeared for awhile and reappeared at 6 months and stuck around for about 3 years. Now all seems to be good.


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