Another Disney Memory

In honor of my friend, Todd’s birthday I wanted to tell a fun Disneyland story.

When Tim was finally old enough to ride Star Tours he was a little hesitate about riding it. So Todd begins telling Tim how it’s not a big deal, and he said, “Come on Tim, the ride doesn’t even move.” It took a while but we got him on there.  Of course, Tim’s eyes got as big a half dollars and he opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out. It was QUITE entertaining!

A few weeks later we were at Disneyland again, this time Erwin was with us and we decided to eat at Big Thunder Ranch. Which back then you got a massive amount of food!  And Todd and Erwin pigged out! After we finished we asked Tim what he wanted to do, to which he responded,”Ride Star Tours!!”  Todd was like, “No Tim not tonight” To which without missing a beat Tim replies, “Come on Todd, It doesn’t even move!”

At the point Todd had to give and ride Star Tours and thankfully every one kept their dinner down.

Happy Birthday Todd!  I hope it was a good one!

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