Another Friday and All is Well

Not sure why I don’t get around to blogging but once a week. It may have to do with the fact I’ve been blogging faithfully on the mybible360 project.  There’s only about 10 or so hits per day but there 3 or 4 that have been very faithful to comment and they’ve had some really good thoughts.  So it’s been encouraging. We’re on Matthew 10, when we hit Mark in a couple of weeks I’ll post on Facebook to encourage people to join the fun. 

Work next week is going to be great! I’m taking Monday off to be with Mark hopefully we’re going to Universal Studies. Then I’m taking Wednesday off for a mental health day. My Disneyland pass expires on the 22nd and I’m not renewing my pass. After the 22nd it will be the first time since May 1989.  There’s a part of me that’s sad about it but I just can’t see spending the money. It’s just not a fun any more. Finally, to top off my week, Friday is our APU observance for President’s Day.

In my new office area we have 5 individual restrooms, 3 women, 2 men. Which is really funny since IMT and CeLT (Center for Elearning and something) are predominantly men. So finally we made one of the women’s room a “uni-sex” bathroom.  Some of the guys had no problem using a vacant women’s room, while others “Were raised that you don’t do that.”  All I care is the men put the seat down!

This week when I was in one of our restrooms, and there was a bottle of air freshener. Check it out:

Non-Cationic??? Really?  Air fresheners can make you cationic?  And it’s got amazing Nok-out!
No idea where the cleaning people got this but it made me laugh. Especially in light of this blog post by my dear friend Chris Copeland

It was a good week! Tomorrow I am going over to try “shooting” (pictures) of the APU Track Meet. And hopefully at least get to say “Hello” to a good friend that I’ve not seen in a few months.

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