Friday night and here I sit

Here I sit on a Friday night, watching old reruns of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Isn’t that pathetic!?!? It’s okay, I’ve come to accept that is the story of my life these days. This was a busy week with lots of highs and lows.

I got to spend some quality time with a couple of good friends this week. I took pictures at the APU Baseball game Wednesday night. They won 12-2. You can check out my pictures from the game here:

This week I received one of the best requests for assistance I think I’ve ever received.  I almost cried from laughing to hard.  Here it is for your reading pleasure.  Of course, the very creative author asked me to name names.

The Office that shall remain nameless wishes to extend an invitation for you to conduct a private screening and primer on the wonders of Google docs.   Items of concern most particular to the nature of our work will benefit from your tutelage as you share the vast areas of your expertise.   Your audience will consist of captivated and motivated learners, eager to bask in the highlight of Holly.  That just trips over the tongue, doesn’t it?  The Highlights of Holly…..I’ll work on that.

In turn, not only will you receive the sincere gratitude of your audience, though small in number but mighty with enthusiasm, you will be treated with a small token of our appreciation. 

After receiving your anticipated acceptance of this offer, I will be happy to schedule the date and time for our “Highlights with Holly Hour”.  (There!  How does that sound?)

Eagerly awaiting your reply…….

Of course, I said yes, after all I can hardly wait for my “treat.”  It is an office of wonderful people that are a joy to be with and I love the opportunity to talk about Google Docs and helping people see how it will fit for their work.

I’ve used this video several times, but it’s the one that wakes me up every morning.  Which is a really bad song to hear on Mondays, let me tell you. But it’s Friday and time to celebrate! (It looks like my original video doesn’t exist anymore, but here’s a live performance)

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