Goodbye Disneyland

May 1989 for our first wedding anniversary we got our first Disneyland pass. Yesterday I spent my last day at Disneyland for the foreseeable future. After almost 23 years I’ve decided not to renew my pass next week when expires. It’s a little sad, but I just can’t see spending the money on it.

So when I heard it was suppose to rain yesterday I was bummed. But I decided it was the only opportunity so I took it!
The morning was beautiful the sun was shining and when it did start raining around 1:30 or so it was very hard and I had my King’s jacket with me so it kept me dry.

I was able to ride all my favorite rides with the expectation of the Matterhorn which was closed for refurb. I had a late lunch at the Blue Bayou which was really good but DANG it’s gotten expensive. But the Cajun Salmon stuff with Goat Cheese and something else was so good! It was worth all the pain that came later.

After lunch I went to California Adventure and did my 3 favorite rides there, Soaring Over California (twice actually) Tower of Terror, and California Screaming. Of course, I learned something very interesting while riding California Screaming.  Even a light rain stinks like crazy at 35 miles an hour! Can you say OUCH!

After that I went back to Disneyland and for the second time yesterday rode Space Mountain for the last time. It was fun because the first time I rode I was in the very front and the last time I was in the very back.  So sweet!

There have been so many good memories from the past 23 years at Disneyland. Riding Space Mountain 6 times in an hour and half. Tim as a 4 month old baby getting his pictures with something like 15 characters, even better the first time he saw the Beast.  He was very happy.  The many hours just hanging out with friends there. A couple of years ago I was there with a group from work and I was sitting in the back on Splash Mountain when there was a LOT of weight in the car.  I’ve never seen a wall of water so high and of course it landed down my back.

I think I’ll reminisce about the different fun times from the Happiest Place on Earth.   Maybe dig up some old pictures….

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