So much and so little

January is almost over and as I think about my goals for the month I’ve done fair.  I’ve completed reading 10 books for a total of 2,965 pages.  Read two books from a new author that I really enjoyed, Debbie Viguié. Very clever plot with the main characters, one who is a church secretary at a Presbyterian church and the other a Rabbi from the Synagogue next door. It’s called the Psalm 23 Mysteries. They’re cute and clever and quick reads. I’m thinking I need to buy book 3 in the series since book 4 comes out next month.  So the goal of reading at least 4 books, CHECK!

I’ve also had good success with the site.  I’ve had 3 or 4 faithful people to comment almost every day. I’m only about 3 days ahead myself so I need to get caught up there.

I’ve been doing much better with the soda and not drinking as much.  I still love the taste.  My guilty pleasure.

The budget and keeping the balanced checkbook are still the weird ones in my life. I managed to NOT overdraft either account so that’s good.

Things are good, busy but good. My greatest battle right now is getting Mark to do his homework and live up to even half his potential.  It’s maddening to say the least.  So, for your listening pleasure and mine… a mindless tribute that ask the question, “Why is the Rum Gone?”

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