Twas the Night before Easter

And I’m about as relaxed as I can be!  For the first time in something like 16 years I’m not doing music on Easter Sunday.  And for the first time in 10 I’m not stressing about being in charge of it.  It’s a little weird, but I’m OK with it.  It’s actually a little freeing! (OK maybe more than a little.)

Of course, I am running the slides so hopefully that will go smoothly.  If not, people will just turn around and stare.  I’ll point at Jeff… he won’t mind!

This week Mark is on spring break but for the first time in a long time we’re not going to San Diego.  We will probably go to Universal Studies, but most of the time will be spent conquering the mess in my house.  Eight years of neglect while I was in school. Plus with Tim moving home in a month he has to have a place to sleep. 

OK, time to be just a little goofy.  Last night after our Tenebrae service we met up at Del Taco for dinner and to kill some time before picking up Tim.  Erwin got to playing with his photofunia program on phone.  I found that there’s also a web page ( so I had some fun… I think this is actually kind of fun…I’ll probably switch my profile pictures to this pretty soon…

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