Until We Meet Again

One week ago tonight we received a text message that Ray Wells, our dear friend for many years, had collapsed and stopped breathing. Although, they were able to get him breathing again, he never woke up again and left this world early Sunday morning.

Today was his service. Having been a part of the sheriff’s department for over 40 years.  He touched a lot of lives both young and old. This was evident in the stories that were told today. Without a doubt he was a man who lived life with no regrets. After his first heart attack he asked the Lord to live long enough to see his kids get married and may be even have a grand kid. Not only did God give him that time but he ended up with 2 grandchildren, including one named after him.

At his service our Pastor used the life that Ray lived to challenge all in attendance, including close to 100 sheriff’s deputies and explorers (kids 14-20 who think they want a future in the sheriff’s department) to live life with no regrets. To live life with the peace, joy, and love that Ray had lived.  And there’s only one way to do that, ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior.  He had an “altar” call, though he didn’t have them come down front he asked them to raise their hands.  No eyes closed either.  Probably 20 people raised their hands and said, “Yes, I want this Jesus that Ray knew.”

Even though the pain is still very real and very deep for not only the family but for many of us who knew him, there is rejoicing. Rejoicing that he’s with his  Lord, rejoicing that even in death he’s making an impact on lives.

Ray will be missed by those who loved him.  I still expect to see him tomorrow morning, but it’s slowly sinking in that he won’t be there.  So until we meet again Ray!

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