Obsessive–compulsive disorder

Sometimes I feel like I’m OCD, though I don’t really have any habits that would indicate it, I think it’s more like the “pure-O” which is OCD without overt compulsions could, by one estimate, characterize as many as 50 percent to 60 percent of OCD cases.[20] Rather than engaging in observable compulsions, the person with this subtype might perform more covert, mental rituals, or might feel driven to avoid the situations in which particular thoughts seem likely to intrude. (Wikipedia)

My newest obsession… the Steam Powered Giraffe. Tim introduced us to this unique and interesting group about a month ago. Then Mark and I saw them perform at the San Diego Zoo and I loved them. Their show is fun and entertaining and I love their vocal arrangements. The three main members of the groups are dressed as robots, having a background in mime they do a great job being robots. They’ve been doing 4 shows a day at the zoo since June 23 and will finish up Labor Day.

The end of July Mark, Tim, Regina and I went down the end of July and again it was fun times. I’m going to be able to go down again the last week of August and MAYBE September 3rd.

Anyway, let me share with you a little taste of the Steam Powered Giraffe with my favorite video, Automatonic Electronic Harmonics

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