Wacky Wednesday

So in an effort to blog more I have cool titles like today is Wacky Wednesday. Because lets face it Wednesdays can just be nuts. Here in the middle of the week the night mare that was Monday is only a memory And the glimmer of hope that Friday will be is just to far away. Now, of course, there’s no guarantee that I’ll actually blog more, but hey I’ll try, you never know do you!?!?!

Anyway the other thing that made today wacky is the song I woke up hearing this morning. No it wasn’t a Steam Powered Giraffe song … well I guess I should clarify when I woke up at 2a.m. this morning the song running through my head versus the song that woke me up at 630 which was Brass Goggles by Steam Powered Giraffe.

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