How it All Began


May 25, 1988 I married the man of my dreams. I’ve often been asked how we met, considering I grew up in rural Oklahoma and he is a SoCal boy add to that the fact that I was a sophomore in high school when he graduated from college. So finally, I’m putting the story in writing.

Fall 1983 I started attending college at Bartlesville Wesleyan College just 45 minutes from my home. BWC was a relatively small college and it was easy to get to know just about everyone. One of my friends, was a SoCal gal named Becky. During our freshman year she would get letters from one of the guys from her home church, Ron. She would share these letters with me that were truly hysterical! After one particularly funny letter I told her, “Tell this guy I’m in love with him!” So Ron started writing me as well, truly hilarious letters.

Thanksgiving 1984 he decided to visit his former college as well as SoCal friends who either lived in Bartlesville or still attended college there. Somehow I ended up being the one to pick him up. Of course, being the directionally challenged person I am I forgot where I parked my car at the airport. And Ron being the sensitive individual he is poked fun at me, to which I responded with “Drop Dead!”  But alas, I digress…  before Ron left SoCal he and his best friend, Erwin, went to a local mall. As they walked into the mall they spotted the van belonging to a guy that neither of them were crazy about. On the van was a license plate frame that said, “Bug off Patty Loves Me.” Patty happened to be a girl that Ron kinda liked and in a moment of craziness Ron decides to “borrow” the license plate frame.

Now fast forward a few days, Ron is in Oklahoma when Richard realizes his license plate frame is missing and he knows Ron took it. So he calls Ron’s mom and told her if he didn’t get his license plate frame back by the end of the week he’s taking Ron to court. Ron’s mom, Darlene, panics, but doesn’t know how to get ahold of Ron in Oklahoma. She calls Ron’s best friend, Erwin to see if he can find Ron. Erwin had the number of the pay phone in my mod. (Living area of 12 or 13 girls. Shared with the mod next door where Becky lived). He asked for Becky but she was out with her boyfriend so he asked for me. I took the call he gave me the message for Ron to call him ASAP. That short message became an hour long conversation. I get back to my room and can’t go to sleep until I write him a letter. Two days letter I get a letter from him and two days after that I get another letter from him.

A couple of weeks later Erwin’s dad had a heart attack followed by quadruple by pass surgery. During this time we were talking on the phone 3 or 4 times a week. The letter writing from Erwin didn’t stay at the same pace but I did, but they did come.

The following May I took advantage of my dad working for American Airlines and flew to California to meet Erwin at Ontario Airport. I spent the week where we had a chance to get to know each other as well as check out the amusement parks.

Our relationship continued through 1985 until the point I moved from Oklahoma to SoCal December of 1985. We took our time and didn’t get married until May 28, 1988.

So there’s the reader digest version of how we got together….

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