Picture of the Day – Light Painting

So my good friend and fellow photo buddy, Scott who does some amazing wildlife pictures and other outdoors stuff. My favorite stuff he does is called light painting, you can check out all he does here.

For our first day of vacation I wanted to try doing some shots at the “golden hour” as well as some HDR pictures and some light painting.


I used Photoshop’s built in app to merge the 3 files to create the HDR picture… not too sure it really worked well. Got lots to learn about HDR.  Needs lots of work on the red showing in the clouds…



Mark was a huge help with the lights as we were playing with the light paining and trying to get some picture. This one is our favorite… and probably the best one…


Lots and lots to learn….

Anyway, no idea what pictures I’ll have tomorrow…  we’re heading north to see what adventures await us..


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