End of November

So it’s been awhile since I posted anything here. Since creating my Facebook Recipe Page I’ve not had much to say, since lately it was all about food.

In an effort to be more productive here I will post at least once a month, ideally at the last day of the month. I did start this on November 30th, I just forgot to finish it before going to bed last night… Oops…

Overall, November was a good month. I did end up having a cold because I didn’t take enough layers to the last football game to stay warm. I actually missed two days of work on sick time. It’s been over 2 weeks and I still have a cough, but feel good again.

I went to my first Scott Kelby training, which was really good, though I would enjoy it more if I hadn’t been sick. I have so much to learn!

As I look to December I feel good about the holidays. I’m going to enjoy celebrating Christmas. I’ve been enjoying just playing the piano for the sake of playing the piano. No pressure to be prepared to play, just playing.

Now time to go pick up my Christmas cards from Sam’s Club…


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