Happy New Year

I just realized I didn’t do a new year’s blog post last year. I know I was up until midnight so I’m not sure what happened. Regardless I’m blogging tonight looking forward to the new year. I’m not going to make new year’s resolutions, but I do like to set goals. Goals are generally better because with goals you should define the steps you are going to take to achieve the goal. I really enjoyed Michael Hyatt’s blog and he talks a lot about goal setting. His blog talks a lot about personal development and leadership. He’s a Christian so his advice is Biblically based.

Yearly goals are good but sometimes a little overwhelming, so I’m going to focus more on monthly goals that support the yearly goals. I’m also still thinking through my goals, I don’t want to be flippant or unrealistic with my goals.

So I’m thinking:

1. Read the Torah and the history books of the Old Testament in The Voice translation.
    I need to breakdown the milestones for the monthly goals.
2. Read and blog through the New Testament in year three of mybible360.blogspot.com
     This year I’m starting with Psalm 119, once that’s complete the week days will be reading the New Testament and weekends reading the Psalms.
3. Get off of blood pressure medicine.  My blood pressure isn’t horribly high but I’m tired of taking medicine for it.
    To get off the meds means more exercise, reduce the salt intake, and loose the weight. Yes realizing that’s everybody’s new year’s resolution. BUT… I’m saying it anyway…
4. Blog here at least once a month.
5. Read 75 books with one book a month being a nonfiction.
     I just downloaded 4 or 5 Beth Moore’s books for the Nook. I’m sure there will be other good nonfiction to be read.
6. Not sure how to make this measurable, but I want to be a better pianist.
    Practice…practice…. and then practice….
7.  Another one that’s hard to measure is improving my skills as a photographer.
    This is another one that takes practice
     Watch training videos
     Attend a Scott Kelby training
8. Increase readership to Favorite Christian Books
    Consistent blogging of reviews
     Offering give aways

That seems like a lot but they will be spread out through the year. If all goes well next December 31st I’ll be posting how I did with my goals.

For now there is less than 30 minutes until midnight. I’ll make it but then I’m going to sleep. Hopefully I’ll sleep well.

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