Learning New Stuff

Last week I started at the Tri-Community Photography School. Monday night was new student orientation and their Photography 1 class. The Photography 1 will have a lot of stuff that I do know, but I also think there will be stuff in there I will learn. The joys of being self taught.

There’s a class on Wednesday nights that I really want to do on Photo Journalism. I will get there late because of Mark’s guitar lessons. But hopefully this next week I’ll make it there.

Thursday I started in one class, called Creative Elements. At the break I switched to Basics of Flash, which turned out to be more of what I wanted.

Having gotten there late, I missed a lot of stuff, but he was talking about using your flash off camera. Introducing some really cool remotes, that aren’t super expensive.  But one of the things I had never figured out how to do was fire the flash off-camera. So off to Google I go… and here’s what I found:

Nikon D7000: How to do Wireless TTL / Controlling Off Camera Flash

Of course, I also had no idea how to access the menu for flash to turn on the remote… so another Google moment!

SB600 Remote

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