Friday I went to the L.A. Convention Center for another Scott Kelby Training. This one was on Photoshop for Photographers. It was REALLY good! For those who know me, you know my goal is to take the best picture possible and not fix it during post production. A philosophy I plan to continue to live by, however, the tools that I learned will help me make some of my portrait work just that much better.

The above picture is one I took on my way back to the train stop at the end of the day. I did play with it using some of the tips I learned in the class. Mainly to pull a little more of the magenta that was starting to develop in the sky with the buildings and their lights. Just simple stuff for now.

I did buy a potentially cool and fun program that I will hopefully have time to play with this week. But for now, it’s time for nighty night!


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