Is Blogging Dead?

Well, it sure seems to be… I just went through my and the number of blogs that I had listed that are no longer posting content and haven’t for several years is amazing. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve not blogged since the beginning of the year. And I’ve not been been reading my feeds for months.

I ask myself why? I think it’s a simple answer, time and information overload. And so many people who started blogs quickly ran out of things to say. Myself included.

So I’m changing my focus and utilize my blog for me. If others find info they enjoy great if not oh well.

Yesterday, I went to a KelbyOne seminar, Lightroom and Photoshop For Photographers. Probably not my favorite seminar but I did learn some things that will be very helpful.

Instead of organizing the work flow around collections, Ben utilizes folders. He has the base folder that the finished pictures will be generated from then a sub-folder “In Progress” and “Outtakes” he also does a lot of textures so he has a folder for that.

All the pictures start in the “In Progress” photos that you won’t ever use go into “Outtakes” as you finish a picture you move it to the base folder. That way you instantly know where you are in working through your photos. Love that idea…

He is also big into keywords. For the athletics it would be great to keyword with their names.

There were some other stuff that I’ll hopefully document soon. For now… time to walk the dog…

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