Prepping for vacation

Just one more week until Vacation 2013. I am trying a new program so I can blog from my phone. That way if I take a cool picture with my phone I can post it. Or if I’m just bored. Oh wait that will never happen will it?! Doubtful!


The above pictures is one from my camera…. Any one recognize the little boy?

Oh what a Week

Things have been busy! But I had a good two days in San Diego. Had more students in both orientations that I expected but that’s okay. I had one machine that I couldn’t get working but hopefully in the long run it won’t be a problem.

Tomorrow will be another fun day. Have faculty/staff kick off first thing in the morning then I’m helping the techs receive the faculty laptops for refresh. Then around 11am I’m off to the airport to fly to Sacramento for APU’s first NCAA football game. Should be fun or at least hopefully it will be fun. I’m staying in Sacramento with one of my favorite families then driving back to Azusa with them on Friday.

I’ve already had some pictures show up on the APU Website… you can check the photo credits page if you want.  Hopefully going to have a good year and lots of fun pictures!

Brass Goggles

Yes, again I’m talking about the Steam Powered Giraffe, but this is just a fun song… yes, I’m crazy… it’s August one of the busiest months of my year to give you an idea of just how  crazy things are here’s a little bit of what is happening:

Tomorrow and Thursday I’m in training so I can develop the training for a new service to be introduced in early October.

Monday, I’ll have new employees training, new faculty orientation, and our meet the teams event with our students (and guess who is coordinating a lot of it)

Tuesday, not as crazy, a group photo of our students and a training class with our students where I just have no idea what I’m going to say.

Wednesday, wow, not too bad, just a meeting to discuss the training I need to develop from the training I’m doing this week

Thursday, I have the first of 5 or 6 new student orientations for the school of nursing and doing phone training with one of our student groups.

Friday, I’m playing keyboards for our group worship time for the end of training week and then the ever popular “Can of Consequence” training. Always a good time!

Saturday, I have another new student orientation, though they haven’t told me what time yet…

Sunday will be pretty laid back just church in the morning.

Monday the 27th, more than likely new employees training in the morning then heading to San Diego!!! to do an orientation for School of Ed. And if all goes well, a trip to the zoo to see my favorite Steam Powered Giraffe perform and if I’m not dead tired heading over to SeaWorld to try shooting fireworks one more time. (and yes I have passes to both parks, and if you’re counting for Legoland too)
Spending the night in SD

Tuesday, I’ll sleep in, then head over to SeaWorld for a couple of hours before doing another new student orientation for School of Nursing. Once I’m done with it, I just might have to head over to the zoo one last time. Not sure how late I’ll stay since I have to drive home afterwards. But I have to make sure to get something signed for Mark in one of the visits there. I have an idea of what I want to do, I just don’t think I have very good pictures of Sam and Michael. Lots of great pics of the robots.

Wednesday, I have my 3rd orientation for the School of Nursing in Azusa and that this point nothing else.

Thursday morning we have our annual Faculty/Staff kickoff event. It’s our yearly pep talk from the President, who does an amazing job. He’s such a great man and a good guy! As soon as that event is over I’ll jet back to the other campus with the computer techs to help receive laptops that are being refreshed. At about 11, I hope to be heading to the airport to catch a flight to Sacramento because I’m shooting APU’s first football game as a NCAA Division II team against UC Davis. I’m crashing at the home of one of my favorite photo buddies and then leaving at the ungodly out of 4 AM to head south with him and his wife.

Hopefully, Friday will be quiet.

Saturday, September 1 is the first soccer games under the lights and I’ll be there to shoot at least the girls game. I also have the birthday party of my favorite 2 year old that day. Lots of fun photos there!

Sunday again will be a day of rest.

I was really hoping to head back to San Diego to catch the last perform of the Steam Powered Giraffe at the zoo for the summer. But that is looking less likely since the orientation that was slated for Tuesday probably won’t happen. SAD SAD Face…

So, you kind see what I’m really enjoying having some fun music in my life. So if your seated comfortably with your bag of pork rinds and your sandwich… this is a sing along song….


Obsessive–compulsive disorder

Sometimes I feel like I’m OCD, though I don’t really have any habits that would indicate it, I think it’s more like the “pure-O” which is OCD without overt compulsions could, by one estimate, characterize as many as 50 percent to 60 percent of OCD cases.[20] Rather than engaging in observable compulsions, the person with this subtype might perform more covert, mental rituals, or might feel driven to avoid the situations in which particular thoughts seem likely to intrude. (Wikipedia)

My newest obsession… the Steam Powered Giraffe. Tim introduced us to this unique and interesting group about a month ago. Then Mark and I saw them perform at the San Diego Zoo and I loved them. Their show is fun and entertaining and I love their vocal arrangements. The three main members of the groups are dressed as robots, having a background in mime they do a great job being robots. They’ve been doing 4 shows a day at the zoo since June 23 and will finish up Labor Day.

The end of July Mark, Tim, Regina and I went down the end of July and again it was fun times. I’m going to be able to go down again the last week of August and MAYBE September 3rd.

Anyway, let me share with you a little taste of the Steam Powered Giraffe with my favorite video, Automatonic Electronic Harmonics

2nd Annual Mother’s Day Hike


Last year Erwin, Mark, and I hiked Garcia Trail for Mother’s Day. Tim had left Mother’s Day morning for UCO tour. Again, this year Tim is on UCO tour but he DID text message me this morning to wish me a happy mother’s day.

Mark cooked me breakfast and served it to me in bed. Waffles and “doctored” eggs with a glass of milk. It was quite good, though my body doesn’t care to eat that much food that early.

After a wonderful service at church it was lunch with my in-laws at Philly’s Best, which is always good.

Then we came home and changed and took off to check out the Michael Antonovich Trail in San Dimas. It was a nice trail not as rugged as Garcia, though it was a little hard that to get back to the car you have the steepest climb. It had some shaded areas and a stream that we had to cross multiple times, but it was a nice hike.

Came home to watch the Kings beat the Coyotes in game on of the conference championship. And In-n-Out for dinner! Doesn’t get much better than this!

Here are some of the pictures I took, enjoy:

SeaWorld San Diego

Today Mark and I went to SeaWorld. I so LOVE SeaWorld and today was a good day. Got to see my dolphin show as well as Pet’s Rule, Sea Lions, both the day time show and the night show and the Shamu show. The picture below is Mark sliding down a snow bank for the first time ever. Of course, the worker didn’t believe Mark was only 12. Poor guy, he’s so tall and his voice is deep and he’s got the whole mustache thing happening.  But in just 25 days he turns 13. A lot scary to me… 



The polar bears enjoying a mid-morning nap.  Aren’t they cute!?!?


It’s summer on the south pole so made for some great pictures.


Pets’ Rule celebrating the holidays!


And of course, the dolphin show…


Shark tank as if you didn’t know:


Turtle Reef…


Sea lion and otter show – CSI Miami Style


Everyone’s favorite” “Shamu”


Sea Lion and Otter’s Night Before Christmas full of fun as always.


It’s kind of funny that several of the jokes in the Sea lion shows revolve around Pepsi and after tomorrow Seaworld will no long be serving Pepsi products. January 1 begins a 10 year contract with Coke. Many ways I’m excited about that, I’ve always preferred Coke to Pepsi. But it was at SeaWorld I had my very first Code Red Mountain. I’ll miss that, but hey… things change, that’s just life.

IMT East–THe Ugly

I have mentioned a few times that IMT East is a triple wide trailer.  Keep in mind there is no foundation on for a trailer (I’ve mentioned that as well!) So for many years IMT East has not only been the home of the Academic Computer Lab, programmers, developers, and the like, it has been home to possums, raccoons, skunks and who knows what else. 

So many times we came to work on the morning to the “lovely” aroma of an angry skunk or worse yet when the circle life concludes and we come in to the smell of decomp (yes, I’m a CSI fan! Not sure about the adding of Ted Danson to the cast, should be interesting). Oh how I won’t miss this place…

Oh and then there’s the musty smell, I’m not going to miss the entering the office and going into a sneezing fit.  Leave the office the sneezing, itchy eyes go away, like magic!  Oh how I won’t miss this place…

Then, of course, there was the Northridge Earthquake.  I came into the office later that morning and met up with Sue in the ACC and noticed the sunlight shining through the wall near the roof line on the north end of the building. Every earthquake I think of that lovely light shining through…  Oh HOW I won’t miss this place… (though 680 is a little scary when you think about earthquakes)

There’s the sloping floor in several places the best is in Don’s office. But I’m just too tired to go into all that… let me just say I OH SO WON’T MISS THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMT East–The Bad

Disclaimer –  The names have been changed to protect the innocent! Oh wait… I won’t use any names, but if you happen to resemble the people I mention please do not be offended. I love all of you, and I know that I am probably the most annoying person in IMT-East.  So remember, this is considered good, clean, fun!

First off, cubicle life is hard on an introvert. Now many people will argue that I’m not an introvert. I’m loud and obnoxious, but as this website defines:  By Myers-Briggs’ definition, an introvert derives energy from his or her internal world of emotions and ideas, while an extrovert draws from the outside world of people and activities for spiritual sustenance. ( Whether you believe it or not, I am an introvert and this latest project has been exhausting to me!  But I digress…  there’s more of that coming I’m sure!

There is no real privacy in our world of IMT-E. Every conversation can be heard over the cubicle walls.  Even when you whisper, someone might just whisper from over the wall “I can still hear you!!!” This can also be very awkward as a one of a few women who work in IMT-E. There has never been a truly inappropriate conversation but there have been talk of guy things that as a lady (and I use that term loosely) didn’t want to hear.  I really wish I could remember one, but I have gratefully forgotten.

Then there’s the fact that the building is a trailer and there is no foundation the floor presents a source of constant “entertainment.”  One individual we’ll call Bob tends to walk very heavy.  I keep waiting for the day when he walks so hard down the hallway that he just goes right through the floor.  You can tell the level of Bob’s intensity by how hard he walks down the hallway.  The whole building SHAKES! 

Then there is the breakout room, our own little conference room, with a speaker phone.   There have been times when a co-worker, we’ll call Bob, would make a conference call and it seemed like he was shouting into the phone.  He wasn’t he just has one of those great speaking voices that carries (to McDonalds). Thankfully Bob is a quick study and after I shut the door on his meetings a couple of times, he started shutting them at the beginning of his meeting.

Another thing about cubicles are the cubicle walls.  For some reason people love to walk down the hall running their finger down the wall.  WHY????  WHY???? WHY???? It makes me crazy!

Today, one of my co-workers, we’ll call him Bob, reminded me of another thing about IMT-East that makes me a little crazy (only sometimes) is that people can peek over the wall at me.  What would happen if I’m like picking my nose or something!?!?!?!  How embarrassing!  THANKFULLY I don’t think that’s happened… and if it has they quickly ducked out of sight.  Of course, Bob, chastised me today when I said I wasn’t going to miss him peeking over the top.  He said, I would get lonely down at the other end 680 next door to Jeff.  Maybe, eventually, but it’s going to be awhile.  Especially after days like today.  It was hard one… 

Life is always changing

For 25 years I have worked at APU and for those 25 years my office has been on east campus. It is by far the prettiest of the Azusa campuses. The only other one that comes close is San Diego, but that is only because it is 10 minutes from Seaworld!

The past several years my office has been in a “building” we refer to as IMT-East. Building is in quotes because it is actually a triple wide trailer. Two-thirds of the trailer has been at APU longer than I have been which is 25 and 1/2 years. So being a trailer you can only imagine some of the quirks we deal with. I want entertain with those quirks just yet, but trust me I will share the good the bad and the ugly of life in IMT-east. You see in just a couple of weeks our happy group is moving to a new location. This move brings about a lot of mixed emotions. Many things about this move thrill me beyond the wildest imagination, while other aspects sadden me to tears.

Over the next few days I will share the things I will miss from IMT-east and the things I won’t. It is a time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the oh so ugly!