Is Blogging Dead?

Well, it sure seems to be… I just went through my and the number of blogs that I had listed that are no longer posting content and haven’t for several years is amazing. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve not blogged since the beginning of the year. And I’ve not been been reading my feeds for months.

I ask myself why? I think it’s a simple answer, time and information overload. And so many people who started blogs quickly ran out of things to say. Myself included.

So I’m changing my focus and utilize my blog for me. If others find info they enjoy great if not oh well.

Yesterday, I went to a KelbyOne seminar, Lightroom and Photoshop For Photographers. Probably not my favorite seminar but I did learn some things that will be very helpful.

Instead of organizing the work flow around collections, Ben utilizes folders. He has the base folder that the finished pictures will be generated from then a sub-folder “In Progress” and “Outtakes” he also does a lot of textures so he has a folder for that.

All the pictures start in the “In Progress” photos that you won’t ever use go into “Outtakes” as you finish a picture you move it to the base folder. That way you instantly know where you are in working through your photos. Love that idea…

He is also big into keywords. For the athletics it would be great to keyword with their names.

There were some other stuff that I’ll hopefully document soon. For now… time to walk the dog…

Week 1 of the Project!

So I’ve been successfully taking pictures each day. It’s been fun most days but I can already see it will be challenging at times.  Hopefully I can start getting more creative with what pictures I take and have more fun.  Below are the first week’s worth of pictures. Enjoy… I hope….

January 1 – Butter and I explore a park east of our house. We would have like to have gone farther but the “creeks” were a little deeper than we wanted to wade through in January.

January 2, Mark and I do some shopping at our favorite store… Goodwill and then lunch at Chick-fil-a. And of course, that means flowers on the table. Love that place and the people!

January 3rd – BASKETBALL! December was a drought when it came to sports. So I was really excited to get back on the court and taking pictures. Rob Sandoval scored 1,000 points during this game. Love the look in his eyes.

January 4th and we were at an Ontario Reign game. It was a good game. One of the Reign players always seems to pick a fight with the biggest player from the other team. Well once again tonight he went after a big guy, not the biggest, but close… The fight took place in the corner hard to see, so I decided to have some fun and get a picture of it from the jumbotron:

January 5’s picture comes from my evening walk with the dog. We have a Catholic church close by and they still had up their manager scene. They keep it up until Epiphany. So I got to enjoy it and capture this picture.

January 6 – one of my own roses to enjoy.

And finally, January 7th, we’re back at a Reign game. I had actually taken some other pictures that day that I was going to use, however, after being invited up to the skyboxes at Citizen’s Bank arena and seeing this in the ladies restroom I just had to use it:

Already have some neat pictures from this week and hopefully I’ll get next week’s article posted on Thursday.

This Week of Christmas

It’s been a crazy week with car problems and Christmas get togethers, but I did walk the dog over 21 miles in the past week and in the process took some pictures with my phone. Kind of digging the 16 megapixel camera on the Galaxy S5.

Here are some of the sites from this week:

20141228_154745 20141227_122232 20141227_115220 20141226_120938

Slow month of photography

This month has been a slow month for photography. Basketball has been on the road all month and they’re about the only one I would be shooting right now. Looking forward to January and the action picking up. Also, in January I’m going to start the 365 Project. That is where each day I’ll take a picture. Probably won’t always get it posted the day of, but at least once a week I’ll get them posted. With my cell phone camera being as many megapixels as my DSLR I’ll be using it as well. Should be an interesting experiment. I’ll have the pictures posted here as well as a photo album on

This week’s picture is from this past summer at Yosemite. I ran it through the TopazLabs program. Such a great program.


After the Rain

This week we got some much needed rain, though it was hard in several parts of the southland. The first picture is from Friday as I was leaving the office. Loved how the sun was shining on the clouds. The second one was from tonight as we were heading into the neighborhood to do Christmas Caroling. Both were taken with my Galaxy S5.

aftertherain mountbaldy

Fun with Software

When I went to the Scott Kelby training earlier in November I bought a software program, that is fun. I used one of the pictures from my Yosemite pictures to create the second picture to make some more notecards…  So much fun!







Friday I went to the L.A. Convention Center for another Scott Kelby Training. This one was on Photoshop for Photographers. It was REALLY good! For those who know me, you know my goal is to take the best picture possible and not fix it during post production. A philosophy I plan to continue to live by, however, the tools that I learned will help me make some of my portrait work just that much better.

The above picture is one I took on my way back to the train stop at the end of the day. I did play with it using some of the tips I learned in the class. Mainly to pull a little more of the magenta that was starting to develop in the sky with the buildings and their lights. Just simple stuff for now.

I did buy a potentially cool and fun program that I will hopefully have time to play with this week. But for now, it’s time for nighty night!


So Much Beauty

This past week, lots of beautiful things to take pictures of, including this really cool tree that every year I think I’ve got to get a picture of that. This year, I finally got it.  Also, the sunset on Thursday was so gorgeous!