Vacation Slides…

I have all my pictures posted from my trip to Yosemite. It was a great trip and so beautiful. I have the pictures up on my photography website. They are right mouse button protected which means you can just right mouse button click on them and select Save As… If you see one you likeRead moreRead more

Back to work for a week and still on vacation

It’s so hard to believe that I’ve been back to work for a week. I really enjoyed my vacation this year and am even thinking about trying to go to Yosemite during Mark’s spring break. He wasn’t excited about the idea but maybe I’ll just go by myself!! Unlikely… My photo hosting site made someRead moreRead more

Yosemite Fun!

Overall it was a great time in Yosemite… A beautiful drive in via 395. We took one of the scenic loops and saw some beautiful lakes and a waterfall. Yosemite is just beautiful. The only down side was my brilliant idea of taking the shuttle bus to Glacier Point then hike down the 4 mileRead moreRead more

Day 2 – Traveling North on 395

Today we just headed north up 395 in preparation to head into Yosemite tomorrow. We thought about going to Bodie Ghost Town, but with temperatures of 100 degrees we opted to relax in the room watching Batman. One of the better ones with Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones… Here are some picturesRead moreRead more

Picture of the Day – Light Painting

So my good friend and fellow photo buddy, Scott who does some amazing wildlife pictures and other outdoors stuff. My favorite stuff he does is called light painting, you can check out all he does here. For our first day of vacation I wanted to try doing some shots at the “golden hour” as well asRead moreRead more

Vacation 2011–Home

Mark and I made it home this afternoon safe and sound. It was a good time. Mark even gave me a hug and thanked me for taking him on the trip.  That was pretty cool!  No pictures today it was point the car toward home and get here. I’m really glad we did the trip. Read moreRead more

Vacation 2011–Day 12

Our last day of vacation and things are winding down.  We had breakfast at the Station Grill.  Great breakfast burritos!! Of course, I should have ordered Mark bacon instead of sausage.  But they were still good.  (did I mention they were HUGE!) From there we headed south on the 101 to Lake Cachuma. We useRead moreRead more

Vacation 2011–Day 11

Another long day of driving!  We started in Monterey and ended in Grover Beach. We went to Cannery Row, which I must say, smells. Smells very fishy.  We had a lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  Mark had the fried shrimp which he loved and I had an excellent piece of salmon.  We walked aroundRead moreRead more

Vacation 2011–Day 10

I had the opportunity to visit San Jose back in February for a conference. I had planned to visit the Tech Museum then but opted for a train ride to San Francisco! So today Mark and I went to the Tech Museum. It was a great time! Lots of hands on things to check outRead moreRead more

Vacation 2011–Day 9

We are now beginning the journey home, sort of…  We drove into San Francisco this morning and although I’ve been to San Fran three or four times this was my first time to drive in San Francisco.  And with a little luck, it will be my last time.  Traffic wasn’t bad until we were toRead moreRead more