See the Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo

Keeping with my recent theme of animal web cams we’re at the San Diego Zoo and visiting the Polar Bears: My pass for the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park expires the end of April, but I’m sure I’ll renew it. I enjoy supporting the San Diego Zoo.

Penguins, California Condor and now DOLPHINS!

I do enjoy web cams.  They let me go places that I’ll never get to go. OK, I know I go to SeaWorld and usually see the penguins when I’m there. Especially during the summer months.I finally found a decent dolphin cam, one that even offers a camera for night time viewing.Unfortunately, you will haveRead moreRead more

Baby Condor to be Hatched Soon!

I love San Diego. I love Seaworld and I enjoy the zoo and Safari parks as well. So I was very excited to read that a new California Condor is due to hatch in the next 48 to 72 hours. And there’s a web cam!! (Sorry you’ll have to scroll horizontally, but it’s worth it!)


OK, those who know me, now I LOVE Seaworld.  It truly is my happiest place on earth.  And they just introduced a penguin cam.  And what’s nice is right now on the “South Pole” it’s daytime.  So you can see the penguins moving around their frozen home in San Diego. I’m going to try to embedRead moreRead more

Hebrew School

A funny from one of my friends: Hebrew Lesson At the Henry Street Hebrew School, the rabbi finished the day’s lesson. It was now time for the usual question period. “Rabbi,” asked little Melvin, “there’s something I need to know.” “What’s that, my child?” asked the rabbi. “Well, according to the Scriptures, the Children ofRead moreRead more

Labor Day Monday

Most Mondays are usually the downer day, but today was an exception. Unlike most of America I had to work. Well, didn’t HAVE to I could have taken a vacation day, but hey it’s usually cooler at the office than at home. Today I was able to accomplish several things and walked away feeling goodRead moreRead more

Beginning of the Labor Day Weekend

Friday is the day new students arrive back on campus.  It’s an exciting time with lots of cheering and starry eyed freshman begin the next major journey of their life.  It’s fun! It’s also exhausting.  I will spend the day doing orientations for those who participate in our laptop leasing program.  So… today my vacationRead moreRead more

He Amazes Me!

Mark is still struggling with the new school.  He tells me he’s keeping an open mind, but I’m not all that convinced. But tonight we were grabbing a quick bite to eat at Sam’s Club before youth group. Mark was talking 90 miles a minute and I just causally mention, “You need to be backRead moreRead more

The last Tuesday of August

Second day of school for Mark and he’s doing okay. Today he admitted he liked the way his teacher was running the class, but he didn’t like the people. Which isn’t new, he has people issues on a regular basis.  Of course, tonight before going to bed he told me he was “homesick” for GlenRead moreRead more

Another Day in Paradise

The closer we get to Labor Day Weekend the crazier life becomes. Today I had the pleasure of meeting 6 new staff employees and a bunch of new faculty. No idea how many, I didn’t count, I’ll get a list tomorrow so I will know.  I did three sessions and I’m exhausted.  Two were prettyRead moreRead more