Another Day another Gray Hair

Today was one of those days I wish I could have stayed in bed!

There was at least one positive that came out of today. I think I helped some people learn a new tool that would make their jobs easier. Though, I think I confused a few too. 🙁

Part of my problem is self-inflected too many days in a row teaching. I love doing training, but too many in a row without a break makes me cranky. Plus I don’t understand why people can’t just get along. Or why some people have to play games and do things to make others look bad.

Tomorrow’s another day another class and another gray hair.

Change in philosphy

Ok, I guess I’ve decided it’s time to really use this as it is designed to be, a place to share my thoughts, feelings, and what’s happening in the world of the Magnuson’s.

Overall, this has been a quiet weekend. Mark and Tim bowled on Saturday. Then Mark had his football game. He is still trying to figure out the game of football. It amazes me how “unaggressive” he is. (Especially after watching him today!) Then the little goof ball was messing around on the bench with another kid and they both got benched for the rest of the game. I made him apologize to the coach after the game. Hopefully, he’ll figure out that he shouldn’t mess around during the game.

I worked bingo Saturday night at the high school to earn $100 bucks for Tim’s band account. It sounds like we’re going to San Diego for band tour. Looks like it will be about $500 for the trip. Which is better than last year’s $1100, but still a lot. With last night’s bingo I’ll have $309 on Tim’s account. YIPPEE.

Today we did something that I’m not sure we’ve done since we’ve been at San Dimas. We didn’t go to church. I slept until almost 11:30. It felt good! What got me up, was a text message from a good friend, Jacob. It was actually an IM that rolled over to my phone. He was letting me know that he and his wife just had their third daughter a couple of weeks ago. The funny part is about 2 weeks ago I thought about calling him, but I was afraid the cell phone number I had for him wasn’t good any longer.

Well, we’ll see how good I do at this. It’s really all Heidi’s fault. So she better read this and comment!