I’m a big fan of Photography Talk and they use a lot of videos from Adorama I particularly like Mark Wallace and his Digital Photography One on One segments. He does a great job of breaking down things in a way that I can understand. Here is a list of the ones I found on youtube.com It looks like Adorama or Mark Wallace have discontinued the “Digital 1 on 1” series and replaced it with “Exploring Photography.” I’ll start listing those soon. Enjoy!

0 Lighting Tips
1 Basics of Flash Photography
2 Light Meter
3 Light Options
4 Lighting Part One
Lighting Part Two
Lighting Part Three
5 Lighting Setups
6 Pocket Wizard System
7 Portrait Photography Which Lens
8 Metering
9 Camera Bags
10 Lighting Ratios
11 Seven Basic Lighting Setups
12 Depth of Field
13 White Balance
14 Aperture Values
15 Panning
16 Exposure
17 Sync Speed and Flash Duration
18 Freezing Motion with Your Shutter
19 Shooting Fireworks
20 On Location Flash
21 Shooting with Tether
22 Shooting Video on DSLR
23 Portrait Lighting Basic 3 lights
24 Understanding Stops
25 Metering Part 1
26 Metering Part 2
27 Metering Part 3
28 Metering Part 4 (Advanced Metering)
29 Self Portraits
30 Unusual Point of View
31 Macro Basics
32 Tips for Beginners
33 Histograms
34 Easy Product Photography
35 Shooting Lightning
36 Trick or Treat Photography
37 Post Production Workflow Part 1
38 Post Production Workflow Part 2
39 Understanding RAW files
40 Stop Action Videos
41 Dynamic Range
42 High Key & Low Key Lighting
43 On Camera Flash Basics
44 Slow shutter Magic
45 Getting to know your DSLR
46 Using Natural Light
47 Understanding Camera Settings
48 Shooting Video w/ HDDSL P1
49 Shooting Video w/ HDDSL P2
50 Shooting Video w/ HDDSL P3
51 Shooting Video w/ HDDSL P4
52 Shooting Video w/ HDDSL P5
53 Shooting in Manual Mode
54 Speedlights vs Studio Strobes
55 Calculating Hyperfocal Distance
56 Shooting with the Nifty 50
57 Rear Curtain Sync
58 Autofocus Points
59 Inverse Square Law
60 Angle of View
61 Viewer Feedback
62 Choosing the Right Lens
63 Night Shots
64 Group Shots
65 Lighting a Green Screen
66 The 60 minute Challenge
67 Lighting for Black and White Photography
68 Lightroom vs. Photoshop
69 Compositing
70 Street Photography
71 Viewer Feedback Part 2
72 Composing Portraits
73 HDR Basics
74 Bracketing
75 Panoramas
78 High Speed and Second Curtain Sync
120 Metering for Light Ratios
201 Outdoor Speedlight Portraits
202 Pet Photography
203 Golden Hour
204 Tilt Shift Lens
205 Smart Objects
206 Traditional Lighting Styles
207 How Much Should I Charge?
208 Small Studio Flash Tips
209 Using the Color Checker Passport
210 Focus Basics
211 Deserted Freeway
212 Using ND Filters with Strobes
213 Stroboscopic Flash
214 Avoiding Flash Reflections in Eye Glasses
215 Lens Flare Sci-Fi Poster
216 Creative Still Life Photography
217 Holiday Slideshow
218 Clipping Paths
219 Set Building
220 Book Cover Shoot
221 Water Droplets
222 Working with Models
223 Mounting Photos for Display
224 Seamless Paper for Studio Photography
225 Metadata
226 Using a Flash in the Sun
227 Print Sizes
228 The Position of Light
229 Moire Patterns
230 Light Stick and Speedlights Pt. 1
231 Built-in Light Meter Pt. 2
232 How Color Influences B&W Photography
233 Find the Light
234 Constant Light vs. Flash Light
235 Getting it Right in Camera
236 Parking Lot Studio
237 Layer Masks
238 Shooting using Grids
239 Understanding Watt-Seconds
240 Light Modifiers

More Resources about Photography

Equipment Resources

Tools of the Trade

  • Whibal Reference Gray Card Tutorial This is really cool. If you struggle with white balance problems this looks like a great tool. Watch the videos to learn more. Thanks to Brian for sharing this site.
  • PC Inspector Smart Recovery – Great tool if you find your card is corrupted.
  • Sofortbild – Free software for your Mac to tether your computer. Added 8/10/11 (Thanks Staphon for the tip)
  • Shutter Counts – Wonder how many pictures/shutter click you have on your camera? Upload your latest picture and you can find out.

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