About Me

Holly Magnuson


Welcome to the home of MagnusonHouse Coaching. This is a place for you to get to know me and determine if I can help you or your team and organization grow.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation with 20 years of experience in CliftonStrengths®. In May of 2022 I fulfilled my dream of becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. I would say CliftonStrengths® is my second love, behind my faith.

2021 was an amazing year with three significant learning opportunities that included becoming a certified facilitator of Patrick Lencioni's Six Types of Working Genius®, a Full Focus Planner Certified Professional with Michael Hyatt and the one I waited over 2 years to accomplish, a Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator.

Until April of 2022 I worked in the IT industry for over 35 years. During my time in the IT world, I did a little bit of everything. I started out as a Computer Operator of an Hewlett Packard 3000 "mini" computer. I managed purchasing, learned to program, was the support center but I found my love of computer training. My unique CliftonStrengths enabled me to connect with our digital immigrants and helped them navigate the rapidly changing world of technology.

I've been married to a guy I met at an airport since 1988, we have two sons, Tim currently 31 and Mark who is 23.

Whether you are looking for individual coaching or team workshops, I hope you will take time to get to know me and see how we can connect!

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