About Me

Life on the Farm

I grew up on an 80 acre farm in northeast Oklahoma. I spent my summers helping plant and harvest a large garden. The fall hauling wood, and the winter in the back of the trailer being pulled by a tractor dropping hay in the field for the cattle. I was considered the smartest kid in the class, senior valedictorian and a decent athlete, of course when your entire school K-12 is less than 400 students, that's not hard.

The College Years

College was a major transition as I attended Bartlesville Wesleyan College just an hour from where I grew up, The student body at that time was probably around 1,000 students. It was December 1985 when I embarked on a great adventure. I moved to Los Angeles California with $200 in my pocket, no job, and about 6 friends in California.

The New Adventure

Less than two months after arriving in L.A. I landed a job as a computer operator for a Hewlett Packard "mini" computer at Azusa Pacific University. I knew nothing about mini-computers in 1986, but I was hired because I played the piano. It seems he found musicians made good computer people. After almost 35 years in the technology field, looks like he was on to something.

Over the past three decades I've become a "Jane of many trades but master of few" I've dabbled in programming, purchasing, cyber security but for the past 25 years I've focused on technology training. Technology is constantly changing and new products are always coming out or being updated. Those changes has kept me interested for a long time.

The Beginning of the Journey to Self Discovery

However, the key turning point in my personal development came in the summer of 2003. An email went out to the staff and faculty looking for volunteers to help with a new program for the incoming Freshman. I attended the information meeting that introduced me to StrengthsFinder (known today as CliftonStrengths). Dr. Chip Anderson (co-author with Don Clifton on the original book) shared about the concept of StrengthsFinder. I was fascinated with this idea of looking at what is right with people. (Little did I realize at the time, my Strength of Developer was shining through).

It sounds cliché, but for me taking the StrengthsFinder assessment changed my life. For the first time I understood how I could go to the funeral of a complete stranger and cry like a baby. I understood how I could anticipate what could go wrong with a situation, or what kind of information I needed to prepare, but at the same time I could "go with the flow" when things went wrong. Strengths gave me a language to understand myself and equally important understand those around me.

I've worked with hundreds of students and staff members, since 2003, teaching and coaching them around their CliftonStrengths. During this time I have had the opportunity to be trained and mentored by amazing Gallup Certified Coaches. As well as certified through the Noel Academy for Strengths-Based Education and Leadership at Azusa Pacific University in Strengths Approaches to Higher Education Leadership and Student Success and Strengths Based Leadership.

The Next Frontier

My journey took a slight turn in Fall 2018 when I was introduced to coaching as it is defined by the International Coaching Federation. The idea of helping people help themselves fit perfectly for me. People would come to me for "advice" which I would never give them, I would ask them questions. I learned that's what coaching is, asking questions, reflecting back their answers and allowing the person the space to come to their own decision. Spring 2019 I invested time and energy (not to mention money) attended training to become an ICF coach. If all goes well, I'll apply for my Associate Coach Certification in Spring 2021. (Grab some of those pro bono time slots while they're there!!)

I am also a certified Christian DISC facilitator through the Arizona Christian Counseling Center. This assessment is based on the traditional DISC tool, but also combines Hippocrates temperament philosophy. It gives a more in-depth look at your temperament and includes a 12-14 page PDF. The faith based assessment includes what Biblical character you are like as well as scripture. They also offer the traditional report.

I love learning. I love working with individuals and groups, especially teams. My goal is to help you

Be Better Tomorrow than You are Today!