About Me

Holly Magnuson


For most of my life I've enjoyed learning and if I were honest, getting good grades! Part of it was out of fear of my parents, but I loved reading and I loved learning.

When I moved to California at the ripe old age of 20 I needed a job and needed one quick, considering I came with only $200 in my pocket!

I started working as a computer operator at Azusa Pacific University and my love of learning and my ability to learn paid off, BIG time!

I still work at APU and love learning and teaching others about technology but now I also enjoy teaching the "softer" skills of life.

My first love is CliftonStrengths®. My first teacher and mentored was Dr. Chip Anderson who worked with and co-wrote the original Strengths book, with Dr. Don Clifton. Even with over 20 years of experience with CliftonStrengths® I am still learning more about the power of CliftonStrengths® and recently completed Brent O'Bannon's program and am a Strengths Champion Certified Coach®.

In 2021 was a year of major learning opportunities. It started with the opportunity to be in the first facilitator training session for Patrick Lencioni's The Six Types of Working Genius.
After two years of waiting (thanks COVID), I was able to become a Lego® Serious Play Facilitator. And unexpected but another exciting opportunity came when the Michael Hyatt Company introduced a training to certify people on their Full Focus Planner. Having used the planner since its introduction in 2017 I jumped on it!

The crowning moment of 2021 was completing the requirements to become an Associate Certified Coach(ACC) through the International Coaching Federation(ICF). This achievement means almost as much (if not more) to me than my Master's Degree. To receive my ACC, I went through 60+ hours of training, 100 hours of coaching, 10 hours of mentor coaching and completion of a 177 question assessment. It felt GOOOOD to complete it.

2022 is what I'm calling my Stretch year. Kicking off my business and taking the learned and helping others with it.

Of course, as a life long learner I know I'll be learning more stuff this year, I can't (and honestly won't) help myself!

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