Coaching Services

Personal Development Coaching

As your coach, it's about you. I serve as your partner in goal setting, self exploration, action planning, and results-oriented personal growth. 

Expect me to challenge you and hold you accountable to achieve your best self. Most important our coaching relationship is a partnership focused on empathy, exploration, and motivation that is action-oriented toward your goals. 

"When I discover who I am, I'll be free." -Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

There is power when you understand your strengths and how to apply them to the challenges in life.  As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach I would love to partner with you through this journey of personal discovery.

Find your keys to success today!

The Full Focus Planner developed by Michael Hyatt in 2017 is an amazing productivity tool BUT it can feel a little overwhelming. 

As a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro I can work with you to utilize the planner in a way that works best for you. 

These session are more teaching/coaching.

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Team Development Coaching

Do you have a team struggling to understand their individual roles?

Are you trying to build a more cohesive team?

Utilizing the Lego SeriousPlay framework I help team members express their individual contributions to how they fit with the rest of the team. 

CliftonStrengths® for Teams

CliftonStrengths gives your team a common language and insights to how they get things done. This understanding is a gateway to building trust and leveraging each other's unique talents to be more effective in today's fast paced world.

Is your team struggling to get a project started? Do you get stuck in the middle? Fail to finish?

The 6 Types of Working Genius developed by Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group is 20% personality assessment 80% productivity assessment. 

This assessment quickly identifies what seat on the bus each of you should be sitting in. In a language that is simple to understand and apply. 

Customized Solutions

Do you have a specialized need for yourself or your team? Let's talk!