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What others are saying...

Working with Holly was a rewarding and a positive experience. Having embarked on my Full Focus Planner journey, I found it difficult to get the most out of using these wonderful planners. Holly is an excellent coach, she worked with me in a methodical approach, which suited me, to cover all aspects of the planner. Her positive, kind, and empowering characteristics suited my personality preference, and she got the best out of me through effective and challenging questions. At all times, Holly demonstrated the correct level of empathy, understanding, and never made me feel rushed; this brought out the strengths I unwittingly possessed to enable me to get the best out of the planners. The effect has been astonishing, I now feel more focused, in control of my daily living through effective planning of using the product.

I wholly recommend Holly to anyone who is looking for a genuine, positive, and professional coach.” -D. Mark Evans, UK

I had the privilege of participating in an FFP training session lead by Holly. Where I once felt completely overwhelmed with this system - knowing full well I could and would benefit from it, she helped me to break it down it into incremental, digestible pieces of information that I could use and make work for me while also helping me to ‘fit’ it into my current life circumstance. She also took it a step further and helped me to understand how I could further evolve the system over time as my needs evolved. She’s knowledgeable, helpful, engaging and fun! I would completely recommend her services!!  - Randi Chiudioni

I was really impressed with Holly's knowledge of the Full the Focus Planner system. She knows well all the parts of the FFP system and how they connect to each other too. I am pretty sure that anyone who thinks they know the system well will still find new discoveries of it with Holly's knowledge. I did have a one hour session with Holly and I could tell that I would have been able to continue to share and discuss many points also around the edges of the FFP system, including journaling too. She is very knowledgeable, professional and kind too.  -Davendra Rao