What is CliftonStrengths®?

CliftonStrengths® is that assess people's talents; those things those things where you naturally excel. The key is taking those things you do naturally and applying them to conquer the challenges you face, in other words, turn them into strengths. 

Developed by Dr. Don Clifton and backed by more than 5 decades of research the CliftonStrengths® assessment has been taken more than 27 million times.  Backed by Gallup Research, we know that when we are working in our areas of strength we are happier and more productive. 

If you are new to CliftonStrengths® or have some familiarity with CliftonStrengths I would love to help you discover and use your unique strengths to live a better, more productive life. 

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Structured Coaching Packages

From Articulation to Application

Designed for those serious about personal growth and believe CliftonStrengths® is the tool to help you do just that. 

This three part coaching journey takes you from articulating your unique talents to applying them as strengths to any and all aspects of your life.

Each session will include pre-work and a 50 minute coaching session. 

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Help! I'm a New Manager!

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Individual Session Options

CliftonStrengths® Discovery Session

You've just taken the assessment, now what?

In this session we will dive into your reports and work together to see how you are utilizing your Talent Themes in your day to day life. 

The Power of You

This session is designed to dig a little deeper into your top 5 Strengths as you begin to see the power that is in you and how you can start leveraging it in your personal or professional life.

The Strengths Advantage

Are you facing change? Struggling with decision making? Or maybe you are stepping into a new role, this session is designed to tackle what you're going through and see how your unique strengths can help you navigate the troubled waters. 

The Power of Partnership

Two heads are better than one! But sometimes it can be a challenge. This session is designed to help you and a partner (co-worker, boss, employee, friend, or spouse) identify how you help each other and where you might potentially clash. 

Both participants need to have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment.